This is your time to relax...


Lavandula Aromatherapy Massage is a luxury massage therapy studio that offers the most relaxing treatments to help rebalance and revitalise.

We are based in South Australia and have settled here from the United Kingdom where our business “The Lavender Room”, founded in 2006, was a successful small Day Spa situated in the rolling hills of Devon.

I trained in Aromatherapy Massage with the Vocational Training Charitable Trust to gain my Diploma in 2006 and I have continued to enhance my skills ever since.

We use only the most pure Aromatherapy Oils, which can have a beneficial effect on almost any malady, and each client is individually assessed as to their condition and closely consulted with, and monitored.

Nestled just streets back from the beautiful Maslin Beach, our therapy room boasts a state of the art massage couch in a relaxing atmosphere where we will pamper you with the oils of your choice to promote relaxation, healing and well-being. Your health and well-being are our main concern.

Your experience starts from when you enter through the door – this is your time – enjoy!

- Patricia Baldwin

 ABN 75996361631

Patricia Baldwin - Massage Therapist.
Patricia Baldwin - Massage Therapist.